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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Washington Officials Association is to provide qualified officials for WIAA sanctioned regular season and postseason events.  This shall be accomplished by developing:

  • a registration process that is thorough, accurate and prompt.
  • a core of knowledgeable sports rules clinicians who are dedicated to interscholastic coaches, participants and to the game itself.
  • a process to recruit, train and retain competent officials, particularly from the female and minority segments of the population.
  • a Board of Directors who are leaders and who are responsive to the needs of the associations and boards.


The Goals of WOA Officials are to:

  • Accept the role of official in an unassuming manner. Showboating and over-officiating are not acceptable.
  • Maintain confidence and poise, controlling the contest from start to finish.
  • Know the rules thoroughly and abide by established Code of Ethics.


Code of Ethics

  1. Register with the WOA each year on a timely basis and attend all required meetings. Work no interscholastic contests with officials who do not hold current registration in the sport in which they officiate.
  2. Join and actively participate in a local official’s association or board.
  3. Execute and honor assignments.
  4. Be on time for all contests.
  5. Make thorough preparations, physically and mentally, for each season and every assigned contest.
  6. Present a clean and professional image in terms of personal appearance and uniform, and provide a positive role model in terms of personal habits, language and conduct. Use of tobacco or alcohol within sight of players and spectators and use of alcohol any time before a contest on the day of the contest is not acceptable.
  7. Cultivate professional relationships with partners, players, coaches, administrators, and spectators. Refrain from comment to the media.
  8. Publicly shake hands with coaches of both teams before each contest.
  9. Never exhibit emotions or argue with participants and coaches when enforcing rules.
  10. Make clear signals and concise rulings and instructions to the scorers, timers and teams. Use only those signals that have been authorized by the rules code and the WOA.
  11. Admit and correct your own errors, hold to correct but unpopular decisions, and support the decisions of other officials.
  12. Maintain self-control at all times.
  13. Recruit, encourage and assist new officials.
  14. Volunteer to work scrimmages as often as possible as a service to schools and for the opportunity to gain experience and improve officiating skills.
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