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  • 5/7/2013

    The link to the background check can be found in the eligibility center.


    Background Checks

    Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the WOA will begin using PeopleTrail to conduct a national background check on WOA members. The background check conducted by PeopleTrail is more comprehensive than the current Washington State Patrol background check. With a more comprehensive check, comes a requirement toMore...

  • 5/7/2013

    Labor & Industries

    All registered officials are covered for injuries occurring during a WIAA member High School, Junior High or Middle School contest through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. If an Association or Board elects to do so and pays the appropriate fee to the WIAA, coverage can be extended to non-WIAA Middle Schools/Junior Highs. L&IMore...

  • 5/4/2013

    Officials are required to ask the following question during the pregame conference with coaches:

    "Does your team have a healthcare professional authorized in concussion management?"

    If the answer is yes, players removed for signs/symptoms of a concussion have the opportunity to return.

    If the answer is no, players removed for signs/symptoms of a concussion are not allowedMore...

  • 5/4/2013

    Q: What is the difference between a registered and certified official?
    A: Any official registered with WOA through a WOA member Association or Board and who passes a WOA Background Check and the non-sport specific clinics is a registered official. A registered official who passes the sport-specifc Rules Test and Clinic becomes a certified official.

    Q: How are allocationsMore...

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