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Meritorious Service

Friday, June 07, 2013
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Criteria for Consideration

The WOA Meritorious Service Award is designed to honor officials for their contributions through the officiating of athletic events.  The criteria used by local association and boards in recommending recipients for this award is as follows:


            1.         Be strongly recommended by the local association or board.

            2.         Active at least fifteen (15) years as a registered official.

            3.         Considered a “Top Official” in his / her respective area.

            4.         Made contributions to the local.

            5.         Elected officer in their organization.

            6.         Admired by his / her peers for citizenship and character.

            7.         Proper interpretation of rules and administration.

            8.         Professional attitude and enthusiasm.

            9.         Outstanding state assignments.

            10.       Retirement not prerequisite.

            11.       Any special recommendation for an award not fulfilling all
                        criteria will be reviewed by the WOA Executive Board.



Meritorious Service Award Application Deadline is May 2

Click HERE to submit an application




Click HERE to see past recipients of the WOA Meritorious Service Award

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